🚨 How to fix your order processing issue:

Having trouble ordering? Here are simple steps below to try fix the processing issue.
Try these methods listed below before ordering again:
1. Clear your browser history and cookies.
2. Use a different web browser.
3. Try ordering from a different device.
4. Try ordering on a different email.
5. Try ordering in your browser incognito mode.

If none of these work, please wait and try again later.
If the issue persists, let us know in our Discord Community. Thank you.

🤔 But why does this happen?

Freeflow is constantly processing hundreds of orders on a frequent basis. Due to this, there may be errors on certain orders, and those orders will not be processed.

Orders from users with high amounts of memory and cache stored on their web browsers or devices can slow the Freeflow website down significantly, and because of this, those orders may error and not process correctly. This can also affect other users when ordering as well.

❌ Why are some assets unavaliable?

Freeflow is constantly updating, repairing or re-modelling assets to ensure assets are frequently up to date in quality and performance, so as a result some assets may be subject to being temporarily unavailable, usually there is no estimated dates until they are re-opened for sale. We appreciate your patience regardless. Freeflow strives to have the highest quality assets it possibly can have.

💬 Anything else? Let us know.

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